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Doors opening on 8 November, 2022!

Introducing our membership program, Level-UP. One brand new, modern cake decorating course per month to help you take your game from competent cake maker to trendsetter. 

Are you stuck in a creative rut?

You're feeling uninspired.

You’ve spent enough time mastering foundational cake making skills. You can make a great looking cake, alright. But, you find yourself making the same cake designs over and over, and it’s getting a bit stale.

Experiment? Maybe if you don't sleep.

You want to experiment and create new designs. You have ideas but no time to explore them. There are cake orders to fulfil every week. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with them as it is!

You’re not even sure you can execute new ideas.

What’s worse is that customers often come to you already with a theme in mind. You want to pitch them new, bold ideas but  you’re scared. How does one even begin?

So you’re stuck. You’re making cakes, doing what you love, right? So why does it still feel like you’re missing something?  You need fresh ideas, but it’s so hard to conjure inspiration or motivation. This, my friend, may be the creative rut.

While it may feel frustrating being stuck, it’s totally normal. This is very common for artists. Especially those who have been working too hard, not getting enough rest and are just generally exhausted from having to take care of business as well as the creation process. 

I’ve been there many times. At the very least, it feels unmotivating. At worst, it can make you question your worth and your ability as an artist. 

The good news is...

You can break out of creative ruts and get into creative FLOW.

We have a fun strategy that’ll help with that.

Wouldn’t it be nice if:

You knew exactly where to go to spark new cake ideas whenever you feel stuck.

You could confidently pitch those new, creative ideas to your clients instead of making whatever cake they’re asking you to.

You knew precisely what to do to turn those ideas into cake designs and then into real life cake creations.


level up

A membership program designed to help you break out of creative ruts and unlock creativity.

Access to a Library of Courses for a Fraction of the Price

A New, Innovative Course Drops Every Month

Learn at Your Own Pace & in Your Own Time

Get instant access to:

Instant access to world-class


$499 VALUE

Turn fresh ideas into awesome cake designs

$199 VALUE

Sandstone Buttercream

$199 VALUE

Beach Stone Buttercream

$199 VALUE


$199 VALUE

Buttercream Flower Patterns

$199 VALUE


$199 VALUE

Retro Buttercream Pattern


How to prepare a transfer sheet


How to cover a cake with chocolate ganache


How to work with styrofoam dummies


Marble Chocolate Sail Decoration


Chocolate Flowers Decorations


Fried Rice Paper Decoration


May's course

Turn Fresh Ideas into Awesome Cake designs

Cake design is not just about aesthetics. A cake designer brings their creativity and artistic talents to the table to create one-of-a-kind cakes that capture the essence of a special occasion. They know how to tell a story through design.

Do you? 

In this course, we’ll show you: 

Exactly where to go to spark new ideas whenever you feel stuck. 

How to confidently pitch those new, creative ideas to your clients instead of making whatever they’re asking you to.

How to turn those ideas into cake designs and then into real life cake creations. 

Shhh... you'll also get this never-offered-before


Submit your client brief for a chance to have it designed by me, Thao Armstrong. I’ll also walk you through my entire design process from start to finish. 

$199 VALUE

Your path to creative power is as easy as..


Join the
Level-UP Membership

You won’t find it difficult to come up with fresh, creative ideas.


our proven strategies

You’ll feel EXCITED about testing those ideas.


Turn your fresh ideas into awesome cakes

You can stop daydreaming about creative bliss and actually live it.



This membership is perfect for you if:

*This program does not cover buttercream cake making fundamentals. If you need to build your foundation first, check out Buttercream Cake Mastery




Are you too tired to have fun?

For me personally, my creative ruts are often linked with overtiredness and overwhelm. When I’m in this state, my perfectionism peaks. Is that edge sharp enough? That colour isn’t the right pink…

And when my perfectionism peaks, fears come out to play. Is the customer going to love it? I don’t think I’m good enough. Are my prices too cheap? Did someone say the cake tasted dry? 

Okay, how can anyone expect to feel inspired and motivated in this chaos? Fresh ideas? Forget it!

You see, I’ve been through this before. As a creative, I know that I will continue to get into these cycles, especially when there are so many things to be done and just not enough time. But that’s ok. The important thing is that I know how to break out of these cycles. 

And you can too! 

Research shows that unlocking creativity is a complex process that involves developing new and original ideas, experimenting with different techniques, and taking risks. It takes time, effort, and dedication to develop these skills. We already know you don’t have the time or energy for that. 

So in Level-UP, the idea is that I will lead the experiments. I’ll think of all the cool, fun ideas. I’ll test them out, save you the time and the fails. Just follow along, implement what I’ve tested and unlock your own creativity! 

To unleashing your creative power,

Thao. x



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No you don’t need any new fancy equipment. This program is aimed at competent cake makers, so it would be using whatever equipment you already have. You may need to buy some new supplies such as acetate sheets for transfer sheets (can also use baking paper). Whatever supplies we use in the lesson, such as colourings or acetate sheets, we include purchase links and discount codes for them in the lesson.

We don’t provide a buttercream recipe. If you’re at the Creative-active phase, you would already have an established buttercream recipe that you use. I use our DTC buttercream for the classes that I teach, but you can use swiss meringue, italian meringue buttercream.

We don’t provide cake recipes. If you’re after baking lessons, you should check out our course, The Versatile Baker. As mentioned, buttercream recipes and cake recipes should be part of your foundation building phase. These are the building blocks you should already have established. If you haven’t yet, that’s totally ok. But I recommend checking out our foundation building courses such as Buttercream Cake Mastery and The Versatile Baker. 

The lessons are pre-recorded, with either on screen texts or closed captions. You can take the classes in your own time, and at whichever pace suits you. The student community and support is in real time though.

Yes, there are captions, on screen texts as well as written materials. I’ve covered all grounds to ensure that you get the best out of the learning experience regardless of your learning style.

This really depends on what your goals are. Just because it’s a hobby, doesn’t mean that it’s less important. I think most of us are used to thinking, if I invest a certain amount of money, I want a certain amount of money back. So naturally, if you don’t sell cakes, you can’t see a return on investment. 

But, return for investment doesn’t always have to be monetary. Why do you make cakes as a hobby? To destress? To express yourself? To explore your creativity? 

Whether you can justify the cost or not depends on the value you put on the outcome of making cakes as a hobby. 

This program is perfect if:

  • You are time poor.
  • You can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars at a time for an online course. 
  • You want break out of the stagnation of a creative block and reach your creative potential.

Absolutely, you can join from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

As this is a membership, for the small price you pay every month, you’ll get access to the entire Level-UP content library for as long as your membership is active.

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New techniques every month!!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 23, 2023

I’m in love with the subscription plan! Cake decorating can sometimes be rather boring after you run out of ideas on what to do. However, this Level-up subscription will give you new ideas and techniques every month! Now, instead of running out of ideas on what to do, I’m running out of time trying to keep up to try out new techniques!


Keeps pushing me forward

Rated 5 out of 5
March 22, 2023

Level-UP courses are successfully pushing me out of my comfort zone, forcing me to learn and improve my skills. I am becoming more confident in my skills which I am constantly improving. I’m looking forward to finding my style and that’s the fun part of the process now


A collection of advanced courses to help you

Unlock Creativity, spark new ideas and turn them into awesome cake designs.


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