Versatile Baker

From amateur to professional baker in 30 days. 

Everyone deserves to find their own creative flair.

So, you’ve mastered the fundamentals of buttercream cake making and have built a sturdy foundation of cake skills and knowledge (kudos to you!). You can make a great looking cake, all right!

BUT, your cake designs still largely revolve around replication, to some degree, of other people’s (or even your own) work. You’re stuck in a creative rut, a place where you find yourself making the same style of cakes over and over again.

You want to

Learn brand new advanced, modern cake decorating techniques.

Transition from imitating different styles to innovating your own.

Be recognised for your own unique artistry.

I've created the perfect program
for you!

You asked, we’ve answered!


A membership program designed to help competent cake makers like you take your creativity to new levels.

Your Level-UP membership gives you access to..

On-Demand Courses

Learn a brand new technique every month. 

VIP Backstage Pass

Get VIP access to our experiments and technique development process.

Exclusive Member Community

Build your tribe with like minded creatives. 

Your path to creative power is as easy as..


Level UP

Get access to a brand new, on-demand course each month; backstage pass to our technique development process and a tribe of like-minded cake creatives who’ll cheer you on every step of the way. Cancel anytime.


New Techniques

Learn and play with brand new, advance and modern cake decorating techniques as they come out of the DTC test lab. 


Develop your own signature style

Take your cake game from competent cake maker to trendsetter.

This program is perfect for you if:

New Content Added Every Month

Take a Course Each Month At A Fraction Of the Usual Price

Learn At Your Own Pace

Hey there!

I'm Thao

Being a cake maker can get lonely, I know. You have to juggle everything on your own. You are the dishwasher, the shopper, the planner,  the baker.

You LOVE creating and it’s what gives you JOY but in order to do what you love, you also have to do the stuff that you don’t .. well, really love (I’m looking at you dishes!)

Unfortunately, juggling ALL THE THINGS  takes up the bulk of your time and energy, and although you would LOVE to experiment more so you can hone your style, you simply don’t have the time, or brain space. 

That’s where I can help. I’ve set quite a number of cake trends in my time -including the concrete cake – so I know a thing or two about setting trends and developing new techniques. In Level UP, you, I and the Level UP tribe will:

  • Have fun together mastering brand new techniques.
  • Be inspired to experiment (the efficient way) and develop your own style. 


You already know how to make a cake, now let’s go take it to a whole other level!

To your new style, 

Thao x


Sandstone Buttercream


Beach Stone Buttercream


Fried Rice Paper Decorations


Marble Buttercream

*This program does not cover buttercream cake making fundamentals. If you need to build your foundation first, check out Buttercream Cake Mastery


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    A new, on-demand course every month to help you

    Take your game from competent cake maker to trendsetter.


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