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The Internet is full of free recipes and cheap online courses. But ‘free’ and ‘cheap’ come with a hidden price tag – your time. How many hours have you spent endlessly combing through blog posts and Youtube videos to find the right tutorial, only to spend more time testing, experimenting and failing? How do you know if a recipe from one source works with a technique from another? Who do you go to when things go wrong?

Wasting valuable time is costly.

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Hey there

I’m Thao, founder of Don’t Tell Charles, creator of the original Concrete Cake and a leader in the contemporary buttercream cake movement in Australia and across the world. I am well known for my unique buttercream cake designs and no-fuss, time saving systems and processes. 

At Don’t Tell Charles, our goal is to push and sometimes, break boundaries. These boundaries are where one design field ends and another begins; where old traditions expire and new conventions emerge and where the currency of our work is self-value, not just money.  We want to nurture a new generation of cake makers and creatives who value their time, mental wellbeing and creative energy, who can achieve creative success by working smarter, not harder.

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Jeannine Nguyen from Sprinkle Happiness Cakes
Jeannine Nguyen

Hi, I’m Jeannine and designing cakes is my creative outlet. Designing cakes helps with my mental wellness as the challenges from my day job can be at times overwhelming. It’s allowed me to unleash my inner creative beast that’s been locked up for over 20 years (since I completed school).

Samantha Olson

Hi, I’m Samantha and I run a part time cake business from my home. Having a cake business allows me the flexibility to fit in around school hours, extracurricular activities and medical appointments for my son.

Vera Engelbertink

Hi, I’m Vera. I’m the owner and cake designer of Zoete Kruimels, a Bakery & Cake Studio in the East of the Netherlands. I’ve always wanted to own a storefront and in 2020 that dream became a reality.

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Kat Medrzejewski from Halo & Horns
A self-proclaimed "mixed bag," Kat's the one-woman show behind her small cake business! In her day job, she works as a primary school teacher, specialising in physical education and is also a coach at her local Cross Fit gym.