Are you a bit of an eye-baller? As in, you kinda guess your way through the whole caking process? You never know how much of things i.e cake batter, buttercream etc. to make, so you just take a stab and hope for the best. If there’s not enough, you’ll make more. If there’s too much, that’s alright, the workmates / husband / neighbours will eat it. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?
Hi, I’m Vera. I'm the owner and cake designer of Zoete Kruimels, a Bakery & Cake Studio in the East of the Netherlands. I've always wanted to own a storefront and in 2020 that dream became a reality.
Hi, I’m Samantha and I run a part time cake business from my home. Having a cake business allows me the flexibility to fit in around school hours, extracurricular activities and medical appointments for my son.
Hi I’m Jeannine and designing cakes is my creative outlet. Designing cakes helps with my mental wellness as the challenges from my day job can be at times overwhelming. It's allowed me to unleash my inner creative beast that's been locked up for over 20 years (since I completed school).
Over the years, I've tested many tactics and strategies in attempts to tackle this issue and these are what I found to have been helpful. I hope they help you too. 
I wouldn't describe myself as a rule breaker as such but if you ask my family, that's the first thing they'll tell you about me besides stubbornness.
I started hobby baking from home in 2012 while working in an office as an Owners Corporation Manager. Wow, that was over 9 years ago! After a year of doing that and totally loving it, I took the plunge and opened Don't Tell Charles Coffee & Desserts - a specialty coffee and dessert house. Mind you, when we opened I only knew how to make macarons and cupcakes.