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Thao Tran from Earl Grey & Lavender

In today’s Student Spotlight, we’re bringing you Thao Tran from Earl Grey & Lavender!

Thao currently works in Data Enterprise & Analytics with cake design currently being a side hustle in her life. She decided to start making her cakes when she had a baby! Surprising herself with her first cake, she figured maybe she should start making them for friends! As it turns out, her friends and family were just as impressed! 

What made you decide to take an online course?​

I decided to take one of DTC’s online courses to learn new techniques. I liked what I saw on DTC instagram, Thao’s style, attention to detail, sharp edges and straight lines. I especially liked the simplicity of all the cakes which is absolutely more my style.

Thao's work before taking any DTC courses. Simple, but nicely done!

Practice makes for a perfect cake! Keep going, never give up.

What DTC course have you enrolled in and how have they helped you?

I enrolled in the Buttercream Mastery Course and will admit I still haven’t completed everything it has to offer. I took what I learned thus far and just ran with it. So far so good!

Look at the detail on this two-tier!

What advice do you have for people starting out in their modern cake making journey?

Practice makes for a perfect cake! Keep going and never give up. Use family or close friends as your taste testers. They are always brutally honest. Volunteer for events (which I do often) and just have fun with it! I always take the opportunity to make cupcakes for my daughter’s school events, family parties, or activities happening within my community. It’s great for marketing!

Check out Thao's work

Any cake disaster story?

I’ve not had a disaster story yet and I hope to never run into this situation. I have given a customer the wrong flavor once but it wasn’t the end of the world. I’ve learned that communication is difficult to tackle. I should really consider an assistant!

Courses Thao is enrolled in

Buttercream Cake Mastery Course Thumbnail Image

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