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How to work with polystyrene cake dummies.

A free guide to help buttercream cake makers gain confidence when working with polystyrene (styrofoam) cake dummies.

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free guide


Video Lesson

How to work with styrofoam dummies. 


Video Lesson

How to securely stack styrofoam fake cakes.


Downloadable PDF

All fake tier myths busted and questions answered in 11 pages. 

If you want to use styrofoam dummies, it should never be about

cutting costs.

There’s a place and time to use styrofoam dummy cakes, but it’s not where costs is a concern. A cake with styrofoam tiers in it isn’t cheaper. Don’t buy into this myth!

Save the confusion!

A styrofoam fake cake isn’t the same to work on as a real cake. The weight is different. The coldness retention is different. The prep requirement is different. Sure you can just roll with it and learn from your mistakes. But, why would you want to waste your precious time when I’ve got all the answers for you right here? 

Download my free guide now and gain the confidence to work with styrofoam cakes immediately!

Thao x

Ps: No, you can’t put a real cake on top of a styrofoam fake cake. I’ll tell you why in the guide. 

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