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$20,000+ AUD DONATED UP TO DATE. For the first 4 months of 2020, we donated $17,000 AUD to organisations that helped, and continue to help, those affected by the devastating bushfires that ravaged Australia:

Foodbank NSW – $4316

Wildlife Victoria – $4317,

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal – $4316,

National Bushfire Disaster Appeal – $2025,

Vets for Compassion – $450,

Foodbank Victoria – $1575.

We are now donating all proceeds to Foodbank Victoria who are doing incredible work to help with the COVID-19 Food Crisis.  To date (end of February 2021) we have donated a total of  $4025.00 to Foodbank Victoria. This total will be updated monthly.

You can read more about the amazing work they’re doing here: Foodbank Victoria


A must have course for anyone and everyone

How many times have you tried Googling ‘cake serving number guides’ and got even more confused with the results than before you started?

How many times have you tried sitting down in front of a calculator in an attempt to work out the numbers yourself and abolished the mission 5 minutes later?

How many times have you made a cake purely based on a guestimation?

It all seems too hard, doesn’t it?

Well, it all ends now!