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Our courses can be grouped into two categories

The Investment Courses

Start to finish, extremely comprehensive courses that teach you the full system on a particular subject. These courses contain a sizable amount of modules and usually require a certain level of investment from you. By investment we don’t just mean financial, but more importantly your time, commitment and determination to succeed.

Investment Courses are designed to completely transform your knowledge and skills in a SYSTEMATIC and IMPACTFUL way.

The Mini Courses

Bite-size, easy to consume courses that teach you a specific recipe, technique or subject. These courses are usually the equivalent of one or two modules within an Investment Course. They have been designed to be effective on their own and are the perfect starting point if you are new to the DTC Online School.

Investment Courses

Mini Courses

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Buttercream Cake Mastery Course Thumbnail Image
  • How to create modern buttercream cakes from start to finish.
  • Baking, buttercream, smooth sides & sharp edges, modern buttercream finishes and modern decorations.
  • How to work with square and tiered cakes.
The Versatile Baker Course Thumbnail

The Versatile Baker

  • DTC baking system using DTC Vanilla cake as the base recipe.
  • 10+ flavour variation recipes + flavour pairing suggestions.
  • How to adapt DTC recipes and create your own flavour variations.

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