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You’ve done the hard work, it’s time to recognise your newly gained skills and experience.

Website Badge

A ‘DTC Certified’ website badge is available for business owners upon the completion of an Investment Course. The badge comes in a number of colour combinations, so you can choose one that best suit your site.

Displaying a ‘DTC Certified’ badge on your business website adds credibility to your brand and lets potential clients know that you are committed to maintaining an exceptional standard in your work.

When ordering a physical certificate, you will have the option to request your website badges as well. If you ONLY want your website badge, please complete your request via the below button.

Digital Certificates

From 14th October 2021, a digital Certificate of Completion will be automatically issued upon the completion of a DTC online course (both mini and investment courses). These certificates can be downloaded and printed on your choice of cardstock by your trusted local printer should you wish to show them off.

If you have completed a DTC online course prior to the above date and would like to receive a digital certificate of completion, please email  your request along with your Teachable account details to

Frequently Asked Questions

When on our school platform, Teachable, the certificate will appear on the screen once you have completed the final course lecture. You can click the Download button underneath the certificate to save the certificate to your local computer or device.

For more on how to access your certificate, please see here

You can download your digital certificate as a .pdf file.

Mini courses are bite sized, quick to consume courses that usually teach one particular recipe or technique. While the skills learnt from these courses are extremely beneficial, they alone do not meet the DTC Certified Standards for the physical certificate & website badge to be issued.

You have the option to request a website badge when ordering your physical certificate. Alternatively, if you ONLY want the website badge, you can submit your request here.

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    Proof that your work meets the DTC Certified Standards

    Please upload at least ONE before photo of your work and at least FOUR after photos of your work. The after photos can be of one cake however, the photos need to be able to clearly demonstrate the skills you have acquired from the course.


    Buttercream Cake Mastery

    • a photo showing sharp edges, a photo showing straight and smooth sides, a photo showing the concrete or watercolour finish, a photo showing one of the decorations taught in the course such as metallic chocolate sails, a photo showing the whole cake with all these elements. 

    The Versatile Baker

    •  a photo showing the baked cake, a photo showing the cut layers, a photo showing cupcakes or baked donuts made from the course’s recipes etc.


    Please complete the form for each completed course that you would like a badge for. This means that you will need to upload images for both courses in a separate form submission. 

    For the first 4 months of 2020, we donated $17,000 AUD to organisations that helped, and continue to help, those affected by the devastating bushfires that ravaged Australia:

    Foodbank NSW – $4316

    Wildlife Victoria – $4317

    Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal – $4316

    National Bushfire Disaster Appeal – $2025

    Vets for Compassion – $450

    Foodbank Victoria – $1575

    Between May 2020 and August 2021, we donated all proceeds to Foodbank Victoria who are doing incredible work to help with the COVID-19 Food Crisis.  To date (end of August 2021) we have donated a total of  $7251.00 to Foodbank Victoria. 

    You can read more about the amazing work they’re doing here: Foodbank Victoria.


    From October 2021, donations will also be made to Impact For Women, who are making a difference for women and children escaping extreme violence at home.

    Impact For Women – $1587.55

    Vinnies Flood Appeal – $777

    Foodbank QLD – $663

    Foodbank Victoria – $2506