Buttercream Cake Mastery


Here you'll find links to our favourite cake decorating tools as listed in each DTC course. Click on the location that's applicable to you.

Baking Tools

Digital Probe Thermometer

Digital Thermometer (Cheaper Alternative)

Microwaveable Bowls

Cannoli Tubes (as Heating Cores)

4.5" Square Sheet of Bakers

Digital Probe Thermometer (Pocket)

Digital Probe Thermometer (Waterproof)

Pastry/Silicone Brush

Large Sieve/Drum Sieve

Various Cake Tins

10kg+ Capacity Kitchen Scale

Regular Kitchen Scale

Small Pocket Coffee Scale

Round Mesh Strainers

Decorating Tools

A Metal Cake Scraper

Non Slip Mat (Pastry Mat)

10" Round Cake Board

Metallic Dark Gold

Small and Medium Offset Spatulas

Disposable Piping Bags

5" Square Cake Boards

10" Square Cake Board

Sturdy Cake Turntable

Metal Cake Scraper

Large Offset Spatula

Edible Gold - Transfer Sheets

Metallic Lustre Dusts

Metallic Royal Blue

Metallic Firecracker

Metallic Light Silver

Wooden Cake Dowels

Edible Gold - Loose Leaf

Edible Gold - Flakes

Decorating Black Chocolate Oil

Flat Head Art Brush

Disposable Espresso Cups

Soft Bristle Artist Brush and Tray

Food Grade Disposable or Cotton Gloves

A Stack of Disposable Cups or Glasses

Popsicle Sticks for Stirring Chocolate

A Square Sheet of Baking Paper

Cake Flower Wire (White)

Cake Flower Wire (Green)

Floral Tape (Smooth)

Overall Tools

A Standmixer-Kenwood

Snadmixers - Whisk Attachment

Standmixers-Flat Paddle Attachment

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