Buttercream Cake Mastery

Master the skills required to make stunning modern buttercream cakes

Without spending thousands of dollars and committing to a 2 year full-time schedule.

A time-saving online buttercream cake course for home bakers and cake hobbyists.

Get lifetime access for one single payment of just $699 $297

Enrol now.

Implement our efficient framework.

Master modern buttercream cakes TODAY!

You won’t be learning bits and bobs like a buttercream recipe or sharp edges

You'll be learning

Our entire 4-step framework to master buttercream cakes today:

❌ Without having to physically attend culinary school for years.

❌ Without being thousands of dollars out of pocket. 

Avoid cake fails

Air bubbles, leaning, bulging,  melting, condensation etc. are a thing of the past.

Do more with less time

Time-saving recipes & systems that cut your time in the kitchen in half.

Create with confidence

Say hello to stunning buttercream cake designs you never thought possible.

Are you ready?

Join 4,170 home bakers and cake hobbyists already on their way to buttercream cake-making success!

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Hear from

real students


Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 521 reviews)
Very good3%

An Amazing Transformation

Rated 5 out of 5
October 3, 2023

I love baking and creating. Buttercream Mastery has truly elevated my cake design skills. I can now create my cakes efficiently and effectively. No more wasting time on other online resources. Thanks to the effective methods in the course, I can now streamline my time to create beautiful and tasty cakes. I am looking forward to learning much more from the course.


Best Investment I’ve made in my business yet

Rated 5 out of 5
October 2, 2023

I am a bit of a course junkie and have spent more time & money on courses (pertaining to all aspects of running a business) than I want to admit. Some have been worth it but mostly not. Due to certain past experiences in learning online, I was holding back from enrolling in Buttercream Cake Mastery. I gave in eventually and boy am I glad! The extent of detail that Thao goes into in the tutorials and the support that is available is next to none. I was skeptical that it’s an online course and might not be as effective as a face-to-face one. However, now I feel like it’s a lot more effective than an in person class would have been because the tutorials/videos/written resources are so detailed (and handy) that it’s almost fool proof if you can follow instructions to the T. My caking skills have jumped ten fold in just weeks and so much more confident with my designs and flavours now. Cannot recommend this course enough if you want to be a confident caker who works with buttercream.

Priyanka Baruah

The best of the best!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 15, 2023

I spent a lot of time making cakes with fondant, cakes with buttercream icing were quite a challenge for me. That´s why I can assure you that “The buttercream cake mastery” is one of the best online courses I have taken during my entire career as a pastry chef.

It is a super complete course, Thao does not hesitate at any time to tell you all the secrets to achieve a luxury cake with professional finishes.

Above all, Thao highly prioritizes the proper use of time and that is already a game changer if you bake cakes for a living.

In this course I found many tips that helped me improve my work a lot and that is evident among the first cake I made to this day. The cost of the course is an investment that will pay off at some point.

I am happy now because now i know how to apply the proper techniques to achieve 5-star cakes and not fail in the attempt.

Vanessa Cobo

Light at the end of the tunnel

Rated 5 out of 5
September 5, 2023

Super easy to follow instructions. Saving hours of my time and my insanity.


Worth the investment

Rated 5 out of 5
August 27, 2023

I signed up for this course after decorating cakes for about 2 years. I couldn’t figure out how to consistently frost my cakes without air bubbles and how to get them super smooth. The techniques I learned in this course helped me so much! I don’t love the cake recipes – I went back to using the ones I used before. But there were so many tips and tricks for speeding up the decorating process and making smooth cakes every time. Totally worth it.

Tansy Massey-Green

One of the best online courses I invested In

Rated 5 out of 5
August 26, 2023

I have always been on the lookout for the best buttercream recipe to use in my cakes. By far the DTC Buttercream recipe is the best. Moreover, the online course does not only focus in teaching the recipes but there are also lots of tips and lessons to learn that would help someone become a better cake artist.


Get lifetime access for one single payment of just $699 $297

Buttercream Cake Mastery was a complete game changer for me. The entire BCM system and its philosophy; to focus on “maintaining quality while maximising efficiency”, really is what people in the modern cake-making world desperately need.

Kat Medrzejewski

Halo & Horns

Why a 4-step


It helps you eliminate time-wasting mistakes.

mistake #1 is trying to figure it out alone

Combing the Internet for free cake knowledge is time-wasting.

Trying to make sense of all the free information online is confusing.

Not having an efficient cake making framework in place leads to burnout.

I get it.

I understand how hard it is to learn on your own.

I did the same thing ten years ago, teaching myself how to make cakes from watching Youtube & scrolling cake blogs. I wasted years making many mistakes I could have easily avoided if someone had just told me. It took me 3 years to master buttercream cakes and become an internationally recognised cake artist. But it doesn’t have to take that long for you.

I’m now on a mission to help 1 million buttercream cake makers all over the world Cake Smarter, Not Harder®  so they can put time back in their day for creativity and growth. 

That’s why I created our signature 4-step framework and this course. I’ve taught it in over 100 physical workshops around the world and to over 4,000 students online.

Are you next?

Thao. x

Thao 3

Forget making TIME-WASTING mistakes…

Make fast progress



Our signature 4-step



Creative makers tend to focus on the physical side of the creation process but don’t have any clear idea about what they really want out of it long term, or have any tangible strategy to get there. This step seeks to solve that problem by helping you set up correctly from the get-go.


This step focuses on implementing standardisations throughout the cake-making system in order to achieve reliable and consistent results, every time. This is where you learn to dramatically cut down your time in the kitchen by adopting our extremely efficient recipes and methods.

Step 3: CREATE

Let the fun begin. Learn everything you need to know about the cake creation process, the DTC way. That means quick, simple and fun!


The best part about cake-making, cake decorations! All the hard work leads to this, where you can dress your cake in all the cool edible things and watch your vision come to life!


Recipes, charts, ratios, all the done-for-you things to make your cake making life hassle-free. 

Implement the 4-step framework and 

You'll make cakes like these

with ease

Blue watercolour cake with greenery and white chocolate sail
Two tier concrete cake with purple orchids
blue cake with pink drip
Two tone concrete cake with flowers
Pink watercolour cake with flowers
square concrete cake with blue isomalt decorations

Get lifetime access for one single payment of just $699 $297

Meet the BCM

Kat Medrzejewski

Armed with a strong foundation of cake skills acquired from Buttercream Cake Mastery, Kat started Halo & Horns as a side hustle in 2019 while working full-time as a teacher. Currently, she manages her successful cake business alongside a part-time primary teaching role. With dedication and continuous effort, Kat and Halo & Horns have grown to amass over 22K followers on Instagram.

Alanna Holmes from Colour Me Cake
Alanna Holmes

During a heavy and dark time for her family, Alanna started baking pastries and homestyle cakes as a hobby to focus her energy on something more creative and less stressful. After doing an in-person cake decorating workshop which wasn’t her style, Alanna went looking online and found Buttercream Cake Mastery.

Fast forward to 2023, her home based cake business which she started in 2019, Colour Me Cakes, has turned into a full time cake business which has a beautiful studio location in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 

Samantha Olson from Sweet Samantha Cake Designs
Samantha Olson

Samantha runs a cake business from home while juggling the amazing task of being a mum of three. Having a cake business allows for the flexibility to fit in around school hours, extracurricular activities and medical appointments for Sam’s son.

Sam was one of the early adopters of the Don’t Tell Charles cake making systems and philosophy, which advocates for efficiency. Because of this, Sam’s able to build her cake business at her own pace while balancing her children and home life. Sam’s cake business, Sweet Samantha Cake Designs, currently amasses more than 12K followers on Instagram. 

Jeannine Nguyen from Sprinkle Happiness Cakes
Jeannine Nguyen

Jeannine has a background in Architecture and works as a project manager in the Architectural Technology sector. She uses cake design as an outlet to be creative and bring happiness to others. It helps her balance things and because of it, she’s better at her day job.

Jeannine currently balances her family,  full time job, travelling and making the most architecturally beautiful cakes for Sprinkle Happiness Cakes when she finds the time. 

Thao Tran from Earl Grey & Lavender
Thao Tran

Thao made her first cake when she had a baby. Surprised by her own creative flair, she figured maybe she should start making cakes for friends! As it turns out, her friends and family were just as impressed! 

Thao currently identifies as a hobbyist cake artist who balances family, other creative interests and weekend caking via Earl Grey & Lavender

Like our students,
you will master these

dream cake skills

Stable, delicious & silky smooth buttercream

A large bowl of luscious buttercream


Level & straight cakes with ease

Sharp edges in 5 minutes

Round, square & tiered cakes like a boss

Two-toned concrete floral decorated buttercream cake by Don't Tell Charles




Efficient kitchen & time management


Get lifetime access for one single payment of just $699 $297

You won't learn




Get access to the course materials for LIFE!

We don’t believe in time restrictions here as we want you to learn and find success at your own pace. The lifetime access also gives you access to updates and any new bonuses we may add in the future FREE OF CHARGE.


Taking an online course doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. You have direct access to me (Thao) for life, meaning you can ask questions at any point and I will answer you.

You also have access to our supportive student community which comprises of thousands of like-minded cake makers from all over the world. 


We believe that if you put in the work, you will succeed. However, the online course method may not be your learning style. We get that. Have a look a round, check out our content. Within 7 days, if you find that the teaching style isn’t for you, we’ll give your money back. 

Let’s recap!

3 reasons you need Buttercream Cake Mastery:

You want to master modern buttercream cakes TODAY, not in 5 years!

You don’t want to waste any more time, efforts and money trying to teach yourself by trial and error. 

You don’t have thousands of dollars and years to commit to going to culinary school (they actually don’t teach you much of these skills anyway).

Enrol now.

Implement our efficient framework.

Master modern buttercream cakes TODAY!





Approx. $329 USD



Let's talk about

the price

Pink watercolour cake with flowers

I wanted as many hands on Buttercream Cake Mastery as possible because I know this system WORKS as it has changed thousands of my students cake lives for the better. That’s the only reason I slashed the price from $699 to just $297 for LIFETIME access, to make it accessible for everyone.  

If you’re really serious about the value of your time, consider this:

On average, a small 6” round, extended-tier custom buttercream cake starts from $200 plus tax:

✅ If you make only 1 birthday cakes yourself per year for your kids, partner, friends or family, you’d make back your investment on Buttercream Cake Mastery in just one year.

✅ If you only make 1 custom cakes per month for clients, you’d make back your investment on Buttercream Cake Mastery in just one month.

FYI, a Certificate III in Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu costs $34,280 for Australian students and $AU39,476 for International students and takes 12 months to complete. A very tiny portion of this course is dedicated to layer cakes.

So, are you ready to take your buttercream cake skills to the next level without the hefty price tag?

Get lifetime access for one single payment of just $699 $297

Students' work

after the course

Be part of a supportive



My cakes used to be delicious but ugly as sin – now I can make gorgeous cakes! 

Jacquelyn Kyle

Get lifetime access for one single payment of just $699 $297



You will need some basic cake making equipment if you don’t already have them. These are: a stand-mixer, a cake turntable, a cake scraper and offset spatulas. Inside the course, we give you a list of tools, equipment and supplies we recommend, including budget & investment options as well as what not to waste your $$ on. You can start slow, and build up your investment of tools as you go. 

The course contains video, presentations and written materials that have been thoroughly prepared for you to be able to consume in your own time. There is no live aspect to the course except the support. When you ask a question in the course or in the FB group, you’ll get an answer from Thao and other fellow students in real time. 

You can enroll now to take advantage of the limited time offer and start the course whenever you’re ready. It is a self-paced course, which means you can go through it at a pace that suits YOU. The plus side is, it doesn’t matter when you do the course, your access to lifetime support is there when you need it. 

DTC cakes are similar in texture to butter or pound cakes, somewhere in the middle between a sponge and a mud cake. They are not too heavily dense nor too light, a perfect structure to team with buttercream.

At DTC, nothing is just a recipe. Vanilla cake recipes are aplenty on the Internet. What makes ours special is the fact that it forms the basis for a whole entire baking system. If the vanilla cake on its own is a 10, the whole DTC baking system is a 100. Everything we teach form a cohesive system that are designed to give you ‘long term’ success. For this reason, the DTC Vanilla Cake isn’t available as a standalone recipe. 

However, if you would like to try one of our cake recipes, check out The Perfect Chocolate Cake. 

The vanilla cake recipe is the same in both courses. However, The Versatile Baker goes into much more depth about the recipe itself in terms of purpose, adaptability and flavour-making system. Think of Buttercream Cake Mastery as your one stop shop to learn about how to make a modern buttercream cake from start to finish and The Versatile Baker as a more specialised study about baking and flavour-making.

The DTC buttercream recipe is our unique recipe, based from a French buttercream recipe and uses whole eggs. The techniques taught in this course can be applied with Italian meringue and Swiss Meringue buttercream for comparable results. 

Similar to the DTC Vanilla cake recipe, our DTC buttercream recipe, although extremely silky and delicious, isn’t just a recipe. It forms part of an entire buttercream cake making system. Having the recipe alone won’t give you the long-term, lasting results you deserve. You need our whole buttercream system for that. 

Buttercream Cake Mastery helps you build the right modern buttercream cake-making foundation. It is an A-Z course that covers baking as one of its modules (DTC vanilla cake recipe included). However, The Versatile Baker goes into a lot more depth regarding the science behind the baking process and the DTC baking system. The only overlapping information between the two courses are the DTC Vanilla Cake recipe and some basic baking knowledge.

For a comprehensive comparison of the two courses, click here.

Our team has worked extremely hard to ensure that the content included in this course is as detailed and beneficial to as many people as possible. However, we do understand that everyone’s learning style is different. This is why we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can take a look around the course, check out our PDFs and videos to familiarise yourself with our teaching method. If you decide that this course isn’t for you, just send us an email within 7 days of purchasing the course. We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire and then process your refund.  Simple as that!

Yes, you will! For more on Certificates, click here.

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