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Become a DTC


Has a DTC course or two completely changed your cake game, for the better?

 Are people low key messaging you to share your recipes or teach them your ways? 🙊

It maybe tempting to want to start teaching workshops or publish an online course because, well… hello extra cash! But, there’s also the extra work. Where would you even begin? How will you teach a system that derived from someone else’s work? 

If your passion and business revolves around making and selling beautiful cakes, stick to that. There is an easier way to make extra dough, while supporting another small business. Ahem.. us. 



Hit the ‘apply’ button below and fill out the application form. We’ll be in touch once you are approved. 


Share your link or discount code with your audience. When someone uses your code or link, they’ll get 15% off the full price of their purchase.


Every time someone uses your code or link, you’ll get a 15% commission on the sale. Cha-ching!

Your earning potential is



Full price of Buttercream Cake Mastery


What your audience pays with your 15% discount code or link, 


Your sweet 15% commission!!


Full price of The Versatile Baker


What your audience pays with your 15% discount code or link, 


Your sweet 15% commission!!

Answers to your burning


You need to be an existing DTC student whose experience with DTC has transformed your cake life, which makes you super excited to spread the good words about your results! 

You’ll also need to have a social media presence because that’s where most of the promotions takes place. 

Oh, and a little age thing: you need to be over 18 please.

Your commission is paid on a monthly basis, excluding those purchases that have been refunded during this period. Your payment will be sent via Paypal, so you’ll need to have a Paypal account handy. 

Yes, the discount code and link apply to the full price of all DTC products except charity products. 

Once you’ve submitted your application, sit tight. Our team will review your application and will be in contact with further instructions if you are approved. After this, we’ll set up an Ambassador account for you where you can access your unique discount code and link.

We’ll also add you to our private Instagram account.  Here, Thao shares her tips and tools to help you tackle content creation in order to maximise your chance of earning a commission. 

You can read our full terms and conditions for the Ambassador program here.


Apply to become a DTC Ambassador and start earning today!

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    Become a DTC


    For the first 4 months of 2020, we donated $17,000 AUD to organisations that helped, and continue to help, those affected by the devastating bushfires that ravaged Australia:

    Foodbank NSW – $4316

    Wildlife Victoria – $4317

    Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal – $4316

    National Bushfire Disaster Appeal – $2025

    Vets for Compassion – $450

    Foodbank Victoria – $1575

    Between May 2020 and August 2021, we donated all proceeds to Foodbank Victoria who are doing incredible work to help with the COVID-19 Food Crisis.  To date (end of August 2021) we have donated a total of  $7251.00 to Foodbank Victoria. 

    You can read more about the amazing work they’re doing here: Foodbank Victoria.


    From October 2021, donations will also be made to Impact For Women, who are making a difference for women and children escaping extreme violence at home.

    Impact For Women – $1587.55

    Vinnies Flood Appeal – $777

    Foodbank QLD – $663

    Foodbank Victoria – $2350